In Search of the Colombian Emerald

Since his grandfather gifted him a tiny emerald on his 10th birthday, Colombian born Diego Lopez has been literally obsessed with emeralds.  Trying different “ordinary” jobs as a young man, Diego quickly realized this was not his path.  He started studying jewellery and gemmology and eventually moved to Mexico in search of something more.   Eventually arriving in Puerto Vallarta 6 years ago, LOD - The Bright Dawn was born, a boutique jewelry store and gallery, specializing in, you guessed it, Colombian Emeralds.  


Associating with his brother Cesar a natural progression of the gallery because of their shared passion for jewellery and precious gems.  LOD - The Bright Dawn has since evolved into establishment in Puerto Vallarta, with clients returning year after year to visit the brother team to design a special order or purchase yet another of their unique designs.  

Every summer Diego and Cesar head south to Colombia to visit friends and family, but also to purchase precious gems to bring back and create one of kind designs for their next collection always hoping to perhaps realize a childhood dream of entering a mine to search for emeralds first hand.  

Colombia is known for a few things, one of the most important are emeralds which are considered to be of the highest quality in the world for their deep green tones and clarity.   2019 was that year for the brother team from LOD, their childhood dream became a reality when they were invited to the emerald mines of Chivor eight hours away from their hometown of Bogota.  



Hot, humid and 450 m deep in the mines at Chivor the brothers found themselves in a dream come true searching for Colombian emeralds in the Colombian region of the Andes Mountains.   They were able to select a variety of qualities of emeralds to bring back to PV, from raw stones, specimens, polished stones still attached to pyrite and calcite and of course the deep green, clearer faceted variety.  


Today those emeralds, as well as Mexican Opals, Tahitian pearls among a variety of precious gems are set in elegant rings, stunning pendants and exquisite bracelets.  Experience their rotating artists displayed on the walls of the gallery and showcases full of treasures.  Anything purchased from the gallery has a lifetime guarantee and all the materials used are guaranteed authentic.